When should you consider having your pool deck resurfaced?

There are many signs your concrete pool deck will give you when it needs to be resurfaced, it will be up to you to listen to those signs. Over time, even the most professionally installed pool deck will need resurfacing because of the natural elements it is constantly exposed too. Wear and tear signs will cause your pool deck surface to begin to waste away, the disheveled pool deck with make your landscape look unkept and chaotic. So, what are some signs you should resurface your pool deck? Below are only some and most certainly not all of the signs your pool deck will give you when it is time to be resurfaced:

  1. How often is your pool actually used? This does impact the number of resurfacing jobs required for your pool deck surface. If you’re spending your warmer months in the pool, then you will require more resurfacing than someone who rarely uses their pool.
  2. Natural elements play a large role in the number of times you will need a resurfacing job done. If your deck is constantly exposed to a mixture of sunlight, pool chemicals, and constant use, then it will most likely begin to discolor and peel quicker than a pool deck surface that is shaded and rarely used.
  3. If it is peeling, it’s time to resurface. Routinely check your pool deck and look for edges that have begun peeling away, many issues that concern peeling can only be fixed with a proper resurfacing job.
  4. Are there any rough spots on your pool decks surface? Over time, your pool’s chemicals and sunlight begin to eat away at your pool decks coating and the texture under your feet begin to feel rough. Whenever you’re walking on your pool deck and it feels like there are rough patches under your feet, it may be time to resurface.
  5. Stains are some of the more obvious signs that your pool deck may need to be resurfaced. When you notice a stain, it is very important to make sure it is not hiding a larger issue like algae. Most stains can be removed without resurfacing, however, that is not often advised, so consult a professional before ignoring a stain on your pool deck surface.
  6. It is inevitably going to happen, cracks happen to concrete, but they can lead to bigger and much more important foundational issues. Spiderweb cracks can be signs of constant weather changes, some of those cracks are not foundationally damaging but should be inspected by a professional.
  7. There are some cracks that are not simply cosmetic issues, some require deep repairs that can only be fixed by resurfacing your pool deck. If these cracks are not properly taken care, they can cause damage to your swimming pool. Resurfacing your pool deck will ensure that any issues that could cause expensive damage are well taken care of.

Resurfacing your pool deck is not purely to take care of cosmetic issues, there are foundational problems that could worsen if your pool deck is not properly taken care of.