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Pool Deck Repair

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Pool Deck Austin

Pool Deck Repair

Embarrassed by a cracked, worn-out, or ugly concrete pool deck? As long as your concrete is in good structural condition, our pool deck repair experts can make it look like new again. There are plenty of ways to repair and refinish your pool deck to give it new texture and color while repairing cracks before they get worse. As one of the leading pool deck repair companies in Austin, Texas, we can help you choose the best repair option for your budget and aesthetic goals.


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Pool Deck Repair in Austin, TX

Did you know there are lots of ways to make an aging concrete pool deck look like new again? Here are your best options for pool deck repair in Austin.

Pool Deck Repair

Pool Deck Crack Repair

Cracks in your pool deck can be a major eyesore but they will also get worse over time and speed deterioration of your pool deck. Large cracks can allow water to seep under the pool beam and shift soil to potentially cause extensive damage. Stay on top of cracks with affordable pool deck crack repair in Austin, Texas as soon as you notice the problem. We use high-quality polyurethane and epoxy fillers that move with the concrete for long-lasting results. We follow crack repair with a resurfacing solution to disguise the repairs.

Pool Deck Repair Austin

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Dealing with cracks and spalling? Restore your pool deck’s color and texture or give it a new look with resurfacing. A typical resurfacing product can be used to cover crack repair and give your concrete a brand-new surface. We can also give you a more decorative look with acrylic pool deck repair. If your pool deck has an existing coating that is starting to crack or wear away, we perform pool deck coating repair, including pool cool deck repair, by applying a new coating product.

stamped concrete pool deck

Pool Deck Recoloring

Most stains, integral color, and other coloring products resist wear and last for many years. Still, a stained or colored pool deck can become discolored or faded over time due to weathering, pool chemicals, or improper application. We can give your faded pool deck a vivid new color by applying a new water- or acid-based stain and a quality sealer for years of worry-free beauty.

stamped concrete pool deck Austin

Decorative Overlays

If your pool deck has seen better days and you’re dreaming of something more unique and attractive, a great option is a decorative concrete overlay. This concrete pool deck repair solution can give you the look of pavers, natural stone, brick, or even wood with the durability and low cost of concrete. Our technicians will apply a thin layer of new concrete over your existing pool deck then stamp and stain it to mimic high-end materials for an amazing makeover.

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Repair or Replace Your Pool Deck?

Did you know most concrete pool decks last a lifetime and never need to be replaced? As long as you concrete is structurally sound, it can probably be repaired and even be made to look as good or better than new. We can repair problems large and small including small and large cracks, discoloration, stains, faded and cracked Kool Deck coatings, aging acrylic coatings, and even sunken or uneven sections. Our technicians are licensed and trained to perform techniques like crack chasing and pool deck crack repair as well as slab jacking, concrete coating installation, and decorative overlay installation.
Don’t make the mistake of paying a fortune to remove and replace your aging and worn-out pool deck. Call us today to learn about pool deck repair in Austin for a great return on your investment.

For Fast Professional, and Affordable Pool Deck Repair Service

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Invest in Quality Pool Deck Repair

As one of the best pool deck repair companies in Austin, TX, we take the time to do it right. Don’t trust your pool deck to just anyone: there’s a right way and a wrong way to repair concrete cracks, sinking slabs, and other issues. We deliver reliable and long-lasting pool deck repair so you can enjoy peace of mind for many years to come.
You invested a lot of money in your pool. Swimming pool concrete deck repair is a cost-effective option to keep your pool looking and performing its best. Investing in quality repairs can completely transform your pool deck from drab to amazing, even giving you the look of a high-end paver pool deck without the high cost or upkeep. Pool deck repair can also extend the life of your pool deck and avoid premature deterioration.
Austin Pool Deck Resurfacing

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