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Pool Deck Resurfacing

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Pool Deck Resurfacing

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Making the decision to repair or resurface your pool can be daunting and tedious, but we can be your final destination for pool deck resurfacing. Getting your swimming pool deck repaired by us allows you to choose from different looks and options. Each option brings with it a unique advantage, such as keeping up with a trend, strengthening and beautifying an existing deck, or adding value to your property. Whatever the advantage is, you can’t go wrong with one of these choices. Concrete resurfacing is becoming a unique trend pool owners are creating. When considering your options on what style of the pool deck, you’re in the market for, remember that our expertise weighs heavily on the benefits of resurfacing your pool deck.
Adding an overlay or coating to your pool deck permits the concrete to live longer. When you choose a new surface, you are granted the opportunity to repair or seal any old damages. Pre-Existing conditions will be remedied and a new pool deck coating that provides an aesthetically pleasing and resistant surface will be applied. Resurfacing your pool deck will ultimately add value to your property and it is painless. Depending on the technique, materials, and contractors you choose, resurfacing your pool deck can be accomplished quickly with no interruption or intrusion to your daily life.



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    We are professionals who work in the Austin, TX area and we are here to serve you in any way that we can. Whether you’re looking for a repair on your pool deck, a new look, or a simple resurfacing, we are the company who knows what to do for the best price.

    Did you know there are lots of ways to make an aging concrete pool deck look like new again? Here are your best options for pool deck repair in Austin.

    Pool Deck Resurfacing


    Before your pool deck is aesthetically pleasing, it has to be in tip-top shape. Sometimes previous concrete has cracks, scratches, sunken areas, or other minimal damage that didn’t seem like that big of a deal; however, to a truly have a beautiful pool deck, you must take care of these issues beforehand.

    If you ignore these small issues, they can turn into much larger problems in the future that will also cost you more money.

    Pool Deck Repair

    Kool Deck for Pools

    Your swimming pool deck sits outside in the heat day in and day out, almost like its collecting heat. With so much sun exposure, the ground you, your family, friends, and guests walk on is bound to be very hot. With kool pool deck, you get a heat reducing surface that makes barefoot areas, like your pool deck, safe for all feet. Luckily, you can achieve any type of look/design you had envisioned for your pool deck with a kool pool deck. These swimming pool decks do not require any extra sealers to keep environmental elements from penetrating the concrete, therefore, they look just as natural as the rest of the landscape that surrounds it.


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    Pool Deck Resurfacing Austin


    We offer you the ability to work with our professionals to make your vision for your pool deck patio to become a reality. When stamping your swimming pool deck, you have a choice for size and shape of whatever mold pattern you have decided for your pool deck.

    If you decide to use staining as a stylistic choice you are choosing a shade of color for your pool deck.

    For a professional look that emulates other surfaces, be sure to contact one of our resurfacing pool deck contractors.

    Austin Pool Deck Repair


    Do you want your pool deck to resurface to last as long as possible? Sealing off the concrete ensures a longer lifespan for your pool deck. Specific sealants offer a slip-resistant texture that also protect your concrete. Resurfacing your pool deck is cost-effective because of the lifespan your deck will have after. Even though the sealant does not play a role in any of the aesthetic properties it does play a vital role in the overall longevity of your concrete.

    Pool deck resurfacing is notorious for elongating the lifespan of your pool deck. Getting this professionally done will ensure that you don’t spend any extra money or time on a beautiful pool deck.

    Stamped concrete pool deck

    Concrete Resurfacing

    When you’re looking for a quote to fit your budget, give us a call. All pool decks, whether we are doing a new pool deck construction or resurfacing an old one, all prices are different. How large your landscape is, what kind of materials you and your contractor decide you’re using, and what equipment may be needed. However, concrete reconstruction with our company is the most budget-friendly way to go.

    Call Now For A Fast And Free Pool Deck Resurfacing Quote

    Call Now For A Fast And Free Pool Deck Resurfacing Quote

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    Austin Pool Deck Resurfacing

    After you and one of our professionals decide on what type of pool deck will fit you best, we will move forward with the process.
    PREPARE YOUR AREA: We will begin by setting up the area, meaning, any furniture will be removed.
    CRACKS: Your pool deck needs to be inspected for any possible cracks/ underlying issues that could get in the way of a successful resurfacing job. If any are found they will be fixed and if some are more severe than previously thought, you and one of our contractors can decide how to proceed.
    WASH SURFACE: Sometimes, debris and other things that could further damage your pool deck are left behind, intentionally. Washing off your pool deck once the first steps have been followed can help prevent any complications in the future.
    TOP: Depending on what you and one of our resurfacing contractors have decided there is a “top coat” that needs to be added and set beforehand.
    FINISH: Again, the amount of time and materials used to resurface your pool deck depends highly on what your vision for your pool deck was. But we are so glad to be able to join you on this journey.
    Concrete pool deck