PoolDeck Resurfacing

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Austin, TX

Tired of your aging, unattractive, or cracked pool deck? Ready for a new non-skid surface or a brand-new appearance? As a leading pool deck resurfacing company, we serve Austin, TX with a variety of pool deck resurfacing solutions. We can help you transform your ugly or old concrete pool deck with options like coatings and stamped overlays to get a new look and feel. Ready to learn more about resurfacing a pool deck in Austin, TX? Here’s how we can help.
Benefits of Concrete Pool Deck

Benefits of Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing

As long as your concrete is still in fairly good condition, resurfacing is a great solution to update your pool deck with a fresh color, texture, and style. Our affordable resurfacing options can hide pool deck repair in Austin, Texas or just give you ways to get a new look. Here are the top reasons our customers love our solutions to resurface a pool deck.
  • Add a new non-slip texture.
  • Cool the surface of your pool deck.
  • Say goodbye to damage, cracks, chips, and sunken areas.
  • Transform an outdated, ugly, or aging pool deck.
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Our Austin, TX Pool Deck Resurfacing Options

Did you know there are many ways to resurface a concrete pool deck that’s seen better days? A pool deck resurfacing contractor in Austin,¬†Texas can help you explore your options and choose the right pool deck resurfacing option for your budget and the look you want.

Acrylic Pool Deck Coatings

Acrylic Pool Deck Coatings

An acrylic concrete coating is probably the most affordable way to resurface your concrete pool deck in Austin, Texas. Acrylic coatings can be customized in many ways with your chosen texture, color, and pattern. This makes it easy to get just the look you want. Its versatility is one of its biggest advantages but it also offers durability and a good lifespan.

Acrylic swimming pool deck resurfacing can be combined with stamps to add interesting patterns or textures to the surface of your concrete. When we combine different colors and stamps, we can give you the look of cobblestone, pavers, flagstone, and more with very little maintenance requirements.

Acrylic pool coatings on a concrete pool deck can withstand intense summer sun, frequent foot traffic, and more to deliver a beautiful new pool deck for years to come.

Kool Deck Coatings

Kool Deck Coatings

Kool Deck is the most familiar type of pool deck coating for most people. This brand-name coating was invented in the 1960s to reduce the temperature of concrete in the summer. Kool Deck coatings are often imitated with good reason: it’s cost effective, attractive, and dramatically reduces the temperature of hot concrete.

Kool Deck coatings can give you unbeatable performance in the summer to keep your pool deck cool enough to walk on barefoot without burns or discomfort — even on the hottest days. When the Kool Deck coating is applied, your concrete surface will remain comfortably cool.

Homeowners love Kool Deck because it’s an incredibly cost-effective solution for pool deck resurfacing in Austin, TX. Along with its low cost, it’s very hardworking and long-lasting. Kool Deck can even be colored and textured to blend in with your backyard design. This type of coating is available in a broad range of colors to complement any style.

Stamped Concrete Overlays

Stamped Concrete Overlays

One of the most dramatic ways to renovate your aging pool deck is with a stamped concrete pool deck. This solution involves a concrete overlay that’s stamped and stained to look like a completely new material. Concrete is so versatile that it can easily mimic brick, pavers, stone, and even wood planks for a fraction of the cost.

As long as your concrete is in good condition, your pool deck can be a good candidate for a stamped concrete pool deck in Austin, Texas. We will apply a thin layer of new concrete over the existing deck. Before the concrete completely sets, it will be stamped and stained to achieve an authentic texture, pattern, and color like your chosen material. We offer a huge array of options like flagstone, brick, and wood to achieve a luxurious and beautiful new pool deck. You can customize your new stamped pool deck in many ways to get just the right look and feel

Once applied, your stamped concrete pool deck will have a long life of several decades because it’s just as durable and strong as regular concrete.

Pool Deck Resurfacing Austin, TX

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Stained Concrete Pool Deck

Stained Concrete Pool Deck

Want a simple and affordable way to get a new look with swimming pool deck resurfacing in Austin, TX? Consider concrete staining and etching. This resurfacing option offers a new texture and color to improve the safety and appearance of your pool deck. While it won’t cover or hide major cracks, it can hide minor damage to the surface of your concrete.

We combine different stain products and etching techniques to add vibrant color and eye-catching effects to the surface of your concrete. We can even achieve unique looks like wood, stone, brick, cobblestone, flagstone, and leather. Concrete stains last a long time by penetrating the surface of the concrete where they chemically react with the concrete itself. Your stained concrete pool deck in Austin, Texas can even resist fading from sun exposure and wear

Pavers Over Existing Concrete

Pavers Over Existing Concrete

Tired of your worn out concrete pool deck? Want the beauty of pavers without the very high cost of replacing your pool deck? We can install a new paver pool deck over your existing concrete. As long as your concrete is in good condition, pavers installed over your concrete can be a cost-effective way to give your pool deck a new, high-end look. Because you already have a solid foundation, installing pavers over your pool deck is even easier and more affordable than typical paver installation.

Prior to installing the pavers, we will clean and properly prepare the concrete. Cracks larger than hairline cracks will also be repaired. We begin by securing the border pavers to your concrete. Once all pavers are placed, we will sweep polymeric sand into the joints. These keeps the pavers locked in place

Paver overlays can be used to achieve any look you want. Whether you are considering a traditional brick pool deck or a complicated pattern like herringbone, we can make it happen

Pool Deck Crack Repair

Pool Deck Crack Repair

Concrete pool decks are generally very durable and long-lasting but they are also prone to a few types of issues. Your concrete deck area will likely develop cracks over time. These cracks may be just an eyesore but they can also develop into trip hazards. Cracks may be caused by normal seasonal changes or they can be caused by soil issues and leaks in the pool.

When melting snow and rain get into larger cracks in the concrete, they can freeze and expand which causes larger cracks and damage. This type of damage will only get worse over time. Sometimes soil problems and many seasons of expansion and contraction can even lead to areas of the concrete deck that drop down or sink.

We offer affordable pool deck repair in Austin, TX to address all types of pool deck issues. If your deck has dropped, slab jacking can be an effective solution to raise the sunken sections to their original position. If your pool deck has cracks, concrete pool deck repair is a cost-effective way to not only improve the appearance of your deck but also prevent more serious damage over time.

Professional Pool Deck Resurfacing

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Questions about pool deck repair? Curious about your options for resurfacing a pool deck that’s starting to wear out? We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Before we hear from you, we hope these frequently asked questions help.

Q:Can you repair pool decks?

A: Of course! We perform concrete pool deck repair to address common issues with concrete like cracks, shifting, and areas that have dropped down or sunken. We offer a variety of pool deck repair services such as slab jacking and pool deck crack repair. Just keep in mind repairs should be followed with some type of resurfacing to hide repairs and restore a new look to your pool deck.

Q: Can you replace an existing pool deck?

A: Yes, we can replace an existing pool deck if it’s damaged beyond the point of resurfacing. Depending on the size of the severely damaged area of concrete, it can be removed with a jackhammer or sledge before coping is broken up with a hammer. The good news is your pool deck can likely be resurfaced unless it’s too badly damaged. Resurfacing is always the more cost-effective solution than replacement.

Q:How long will a new pool deck last?

A: This depends on the type of resurfacing you choose. Most coatings last at least 10 years before they need to be reapplied. Other options like decorative concrete overlays can last decades with little care. If you’re looking for a long-lasting solution, a pool deck resurfacing contractor can help you explore your options.

Q:Do you need to prepare my concrete pool deck for resurfacing?

A: Yes. We encourage you to avoid any Austin, TX pool deck resurfacing company that tells you rinsing off the surface is all that’s needed. This will lead to premature failure of any coating that’s applied to your pool deck. We always take the time to repair any damage to your concrete. Cracks should be backfilled or treated with epoxy to ensure a flawless result. Hairline cracks will not need to be repaired. We will probably need to drain and cover the pool as well to avoid damage.