Top tips for maintaining your pool deck

Pool decks are beautiful additions to our backyard landscape if they’re properly maintained. Having a beautiful pool deck is easy, if it is kept up with, and it could hardly work if you let it get away from you. It is important to find affordable, effective, and quick ways to clean up your pool deck on a regular basis. Some of the easiest and top ways to clean your pool deck require a pressure washer, for long-term cleanliness and beauty. A pool deck that is properly cleaned will not develop dirt accumulation, algae, mold, mildew, or bacteria growth. Below are some easy ways to maintain an effectively clean and usable pool deck:

  • Using a pressure washer is not and should not be overly difficult, so if you are struggling it is important to call a professional. If you do not own or know how to use a pressure washer on your pool deck, it is much safer to call a professional. When you’re cleaning your pool deck it is important to note what setting your pressure washer is on and how it will affect your pool deck surface. If the pressure is too low, it will be ineffective and if it is too high it will begin to chip away at your pool decks surface.
  • Before you begin any process, if you have not already done so, please remove any and all loose items from your pool decks surface. The environment you are pressure washing should be free of any unnecessary items that could hinder a proper wash.
  • Don’t forget the washing solution! This is a step that is commonly forgotten when pressure washing is done. It is very important to incorporate a proper cleaning solution for your deck because it will help clean and fight off algae, bacteria, and mold growth. Remember, your pool deck is constantly exposed to the outdoors and should be routinely cleaned to lower the chances of unwanted bacteria.
  • When using a pressure washer on a concrete pool deck (or any deck) angle the washer at 90 degrees. Angling the washer will help you wash away any spots that would otherwise be missed and it creates a bit of a gentler clean for your pool deck.
  • After cleaning your pool deck, let the soapy mixture sit on the pool deck for a couple of minutes. Let the cleaner work on breaking down any bacteria or harmful growths. Then, after a few minutes, spray the soap off.

As aforementioned, to keep a beautiful backyard landscape it is important to routinely check and clean your pool deck. To avoid growths like bacteria, mildew, and mold that could harm your surface, pressure washing with approved cleaners is the best way to successfully clean your pool deck. Bacteria, it is likely to grow if not washed away and poses major health risks for pool owners and pool users. Do not let a buildup of these things damage your concrete pool decks surface.