8 Ways To Bring Your Pool Deck Back To Life

Is your pool deck starting to show signs of wear or fading? Are you looking for a way to refresh the surface and ultimately bring your pool deck back to life? There are many different options homeowners can utilize to help repair or refresh the area surrounding your pool, though it will depend on specific needs and the current state of the material. Pool deck resurfacing is one of the most effective ways to help repair and refresh most concrete pool deck surfaces, though there are many options available based on your personal preferences. You can check out our top 8 suggestions for ways to bring your pool deck back to life below!

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pool deck resurfacing is a process designed to help repair damaged concrete surfaces while also working to help upgrade and refresh the look of the material. It’s similar to adding a coat of paint to a faded surface but resurfacing adds additional benefits by helping add strength, durability, and resistance to the concrete material. After your licensed professional completes any necessary repairs and preps the surface, an overlay is added for design enhancement and overall durability. This project can provide an incredible return on investment and works to completely transform your outdoor pool deck area!

Perform A Deep Cleaning

If there is no damage to your concrete or patio material, resurfacing may not be the best project for your pool deck. One of the easiest ways to help refresh your space and create a clean, inviting pool area is to perform a deep cleaning on the concrete. This cleaning can be performed by a licensed concrete expert that will use a special power washer, though many homeowners choose to complete the DIY project at home. Be sure to always research the best cleaning methods for your specific pool deck material and don’t hesitate to contact a professional with questions or for assistance.

Install A Polymer Overlay

Whether you opt for a pool deck resurfacing service or just need a coating that can provide protection, a polymer overlay is an excellent option for all outdoor patios and pool deck surfaces. Polymer overlays can be applied to your concrete after the resurfacing process or as a stand-alone application and can provide incredible protection from pool chemicals, UV rays, fluctuating temperatures, and countless other elements. These coatings are polymer resin and various additives to create a strong and durable surface to protect your pool deck.

Choose A Vibrant Stain

Another inexpensive way to transform your pool deck is to choose a new stain for your existing material! There are several ways to stain concrete, with acid etching and water-based staining being the most popular choices among homeowners. Acid etching is a great permanent solution and can help to provide bright colors that are designed to resist fading over time. Water-based solutions may cost less up-front but it’s important to note this stain is not permanent. Choosing a stain for your concrete is an excellent way to refresh a surface that has no damage and is structurally intact. It is also effective at covering minor stains or blemishes that are resistant to removal.

Epoxy Coatings Are Strong

Epoxy resin coatings are known for being incredibly strong and durable, which makes these coatings a great choice for concrete pool decks. One benefit of choosing this type of coating is the versatility with design options, as epoxy can be designed to mimic natural stone textures or bright and vibrant colors. You can expect an epoxy resin to last for decades of use with proper maintenance and care over time. There are also additives that can be added to the epoxy resin to help make the surface slip-resistant, which is very important for surfaces near a pool. This can help to make sure kids, pets, and guests remain safe while spending time on your pool deck.

Consider A Stamped Design

Concrete is a versatile material that has many different options for designs and color options. Instead of just adding a bland color to the surface of the material, concrete stamping can provide elaborate designs that are stamped directly onto the surface of your pool deck. When you reach out to one of the licensed professionals at Pool Deck Austin, they can help determine your specific design plan and can even provide you with a free no-obligation quote for concrete stamping services. Stamping can even provide a design that can mimic the appearance of natural stone or bricks!

Add Plants or Flowers

If you are looking for an affordable way to add some life to your pool deck, consider decorating the area with various plants and flowers! Adding greenery can make the space feel natural and inviting, and can even offer beautiful pops of color depending on the types of plants you add to the space. Be sure to consider your local climate and the amount of sun your pool deck gets each day, so you can select flowers that will thrive in your yard. 

Concrete Pavers Are Visually Stunning

If you are looking to choose a new material for your pool deck and want a unique appearance, consider choosing concrete pavers for your yard. These pavers are visually stunning and can create a truly elegant appearance in your entire pool area! You should always refer to a licensed professional for the installation of concrete pavers to ensure the process is completed properly and the materials will last for as long as possible!

With the hot summer temperatures in the Austin, Texas area, it’s important to have a pool area the whole family can enjoy. Contact Pool Deck Austin for help with bringing your pool deck back to life and to receive your free quote on your desired services.